There is a lot of knowledge sharing out there! We will be updating this page to links of recordings of some of the lectures and webinars from other institutions that may be of interest as well as re-tweeting them on our feed on Twitter so do follow us @M0MSuk.
Please get in touch if there are things you have come across which may be of interest to MOMS!

RCP Medicine podcast

Recent topics including:

  • Episode 43: Chest Pain and Pregnancy
  • Episode 34: Postpartum Headache
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The Fetal Medicine Foundation webinars

Maternal Medicine topics include:

  • Catherine Nelson-Piercy
    Controversies in diagnosis of venous thromboembolism in pregnancy
  • David Williams
    Management of pregnant women with anti-Ro antibodies
  • Helen Murphy
    Automated insulin delivery in pregnancy
  • Petya Chaveeva
    Pregnancy in a patient with Turner syndrome
  • Howard Cuckle
    Maternal obesity and spina bifida
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Association of British Neurologists lockdown lectures

Lockdown Lecture 6 with Dr Pooja Dassan:
A practical approach to the management of neurological problems in pregnancy

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Thrombosis UK information for HCPs

COVID-19 & Thrombosis: including

  • Pregnancy, Thrombosis and COVID-19
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Thrombosis & Obstetrics: including

  • Thrombotic microangiopathies & pregnancy
  • Atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome in pregnancy
  • Lupus & vasculitis as a cause of TMA in pregnancy
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Royal Society of Medicine Covid-19 Learning Hub

Episode 23: Women’s health and pregnancy – what are the risks?

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Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association Webcasts

Including “Webcast of the Month” from July 2020: Anaemia in Obstetrics (Dr Sue Pavord) and Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy (Prof Catherine Nelson-Piercy) from the “3 day course in Obstetric Anaesthesia” 2019.

“The passwords can be found in the booking details for the event or please contact the OAA office” as per the OAA webcast homepage (below).

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Intensive Care Society Education

Caring for Critically Ill Obstetric Patients

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