The MacDonald UK Obstetric Medicine Society was founded in 1975 under the name of the “MacDonald Club”. It is named after Dr Angus MacDonald (1836–86), a lecturer in midwifery, who in 1878 noted that “the first duty of an obstetrician is to make sure that he is a physician”. He was a leader in developing links between obstetrics and general medicine and was a fellow of both College of Physicians and College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. His textbook The bearings of chronic disease of the heart upon pregnancy, parturition and childbirth was the first “medical” textbook of pregnancy.

The Society has grown in size and we have over 300 members from around the UK and further afield! We have an annual meeting and collaborate closely with the RCOG, RCP and BMFMS.

If you practice in the field of obstetric medicine, or if you are interested in training in obstetric medicine then please join our society.

Mission Statement

To support healthcare professionals, across all disciplines, to improve outcomes for pregnant people whose pregnancies are complicated by medical problems.

To drive clinical excellence in the care of those with medical problems before, during and after pregnancy through learning, research and collaboration.

To lead learning and training in Obstetric Medicine, through shaping policy, education, research and evidence-based practice.