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Safety and Maternal Medicine in a post-Ockenden era: what lies ahead? | 3rd October 2023

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Pregnancy and the Eye
27th July 2023
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Eating disorders and pregnancy
2nd May 2023
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Obstetric Medicine Cases:
live and interactive
24th Jan 2023
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A Christmas Carol:
Obstetric Medicine past, present and future
8th Dec 2022
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Hypertension in Pregnancy
18th Oct 2022
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Obstetric Haematology:
what’s new for 2022?
20th June 2022
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Obstetric Medicine Cases
25th May 2022
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Exercise in pregnancy:
can there be too much of a good thing?
29th Mar 2022
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Assisted Reproductive Technology in Medically Complex Women
15th Dec 2021
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Obstetric Medicine in the UK:
the future and how to be a part of it
30th Nov 2021
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Intrapartum care of women with medical conditions and the role of the MDT
27th Sep 2021
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Contraception and termination of pregnancy: with a focus on medically complex women
15th July 2021
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Obstetric medicine cases on the medical take
27th May 2021
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The Kidney in Pregnancy
20th April 2021
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Breastfeeding: for all healthcare professionals
25th March 2021
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Diabetes in Pregnancy
24th February 2021
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Pregnancy in the Second Wave of COVID
28th January 2021
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Monday 21st December 2020, 8pm
Christmas Cases and Quiz

“Clearly no Christmas would be complete without an obstetric medicine webinar. So here it is!”

27/09/2021: Recording unavailable

Monday 27th July 2020
Obstetric Medicine cases: live and interactive

“A one-off summer special webinar, with case presentations and the chance to cast your vote and tell [us] your thoughts, remotely!”

19/12/2020: Recording unavailable due to technical issues at time of webinar

Obstetric Medicine: A Global Perspective
15th October 2020
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Acute Medical Problems in Pregnancy:
A Summer Series
August 2020
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New insights into the management of
thyroid disease in pregnancy
16th June 2020
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Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy:
what a difference a year makes
14th May 2020
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COVID-19 in pregnancy
28th Apr 2020
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