2022 May 09 Announcement: ISOM 2022, Toronto, Canada

Date: September 21-23
Venue: Sheraton Centre Toronto, Canada
Co-hosts: NASOM (North American Society of Obstetric Medicine)

NOTE: This meeting was DELAYED from October 2020 due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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May 09 Next Webinar: 25th May ’22 19:30 BST

Obstetric Medicine: Interactive Cases
25th May 2022 19:30 BST

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Apr 26 Professor David Williams, Professor of Obstetric Medicine, Inaugural Lecture

Professor David Williams, Professor of Obstetric Medicine in the Department of Maternal & Fetal Medicine at the at EGA Institute for Women’s Health/UCL, would like to invite you to his Inaugural Lecture on ‘Obstetric Medicine: 9 months of care for the sick mother giving a lifetime of health for the family’.

Thursday 5th May at 5.30 pm, Darwin Building, B40 Lecture Theatre, University College London

This will be followed by a drinks reception in the South Cloisters, Wilkins Building from 6.30 pm.

To register and sign up for this event please go to the Eventbrite Link – Professor David Williams, Inaugural Lecture

Professor David Williams Inaugural Lecture
‘Obstetric Medicine: 9 months of care for the sick mother giving a lifetime of health for the family’

Professor David Williams is a consultant obstetric physician who specialises in the medical care of pregnant women. His research group investigates the causes and treatment of pregnancy syndromes.

In his clinical role he leads multi-disciplinary obstetric clinics with specialists from neurology, rheumatology, inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. His particular expertise is in the management of pregnant women with kidney disease and hypertension.

His research team investigates the causes and treatment of gestational syndromes including pre-eclampsia and acute fatty liver of pregnancy, and placental inflammation causing recurrent pregnancy loss. He has developed the concept that pregnancy syndromes unmask future health disorders in the mother and her family. His group are funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC), UCL/UCLH Biomedical Research Centre, Wellbeing of Women and the Rosetrees Trust.

Professor Williams led the NICE guidelines for the management of medical disorders during childbirth and hypertension in pregnancy. He is chairman of the Wellbeing of Women Charity Research Advisory Committee that annually awards over £1million of grant money for women’s health. He is a member of the UK Independent Advisory Group on maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.

Most recently he has worked as part of a national team to implement new clinical maternal medicine networks throughout the UK. Locally, he leads the North Central London maternal medicine network. Most importantly, he trains obstetric physicians of the future.

Mar 23 Next MOMS Webinar: 29th March ’22 19:30 BST

Exercise in Pregnancy: can there be too much of a good thing?’
29th March 2022 19:30 BST

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[UPDATE 5th Apr 2022] Recording now available for members here

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Feb 21 APEC: Webinar on PlGF Testing

Action on Pre-Eclampsia are hosting a free webinar on PlGF testing.
Click on “Continue reading” below for more details!

[ADDENDUM: April 2022] Did you miss this? View the recording via our Training hub under “Other Resources (Webinars & Podcasts)” and explore for more free learning!

Feb 07 New Joint MOMS Events

We are excited to announce two new joint MOMS events!

Wednesday 9th March 2022: Joint OAA & MOMS Meeting

Click here for more information, to register and to view the programme.

Tuesday 15th March 2022: Medical emergencies in pregnancy for the ED team

Click here for more information, to register and to view the programme.

For more information and more events, please see our Obs Med Events Calendar. We will shortly be making this into a subscription calendar so watch this space!

2021 Dec 17 Latest data from UKOSS

JCVI: Pregnant women being added to priority group 6 for covid-19 vaccination

Women in later stages more vulnerable to severe illness with an increase in premature births due to baby needing to be delivered so mother can be treated

Pfizer vaccine is licensed for anyone over 16 so most women should be able to access the vaccine

We encourage working with NHS operational colleagues to deliver vaccines as close as possible to people so they’re not having to queue at centres

Nov 30 Next MOMS Webinar: 30th Nov ’21 19:30 GMT

Obstetric Medicine in the UK: the future and how to be part of it
30th November 2021 19:30 GMT

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Recordings of the webinars will be available after the event for 4 weeks for anyone! A Zoom link will be available on our Archive Page and circulated on Twitter. The link will expire after 4 weeks.

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[UPDATE 2nd Dec 2021] Recording now available for members here

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Sep 27 MOMS Prescribing in Pregnancy half day: October 2021

Save the date for our October 11th half day Educational Event!
For more information please see the “MOMS Virtual Meeting: 11th Oct 2021” page under the “MOMS webinars” tab in the menu

[UPDATE 20th Dec 2021]: Recording is now available here for members to watch on demand!

[UPDATE 12th Oct 2021]: Thank you all for attending!
A recording will go up on the page under the “MOMS webinars” tab when we receive it from the webinar team! Watch this space!

[UPDATE 27th Sep 2021]: Our registration is now live!

Sep 11 Action on Pre-eclampsia Trustee Vacancies

Action on Pre-elampsia are looking for two new trustees for their board.
They are looking for an Obstetric Physician and Obstetrician.
For more details see their vacancy advertisement here

Applications close: 24th September 2021 at 5pm BST

Sep 08 MOMS Constitution

The MOMS Constitution was reviewed and revised by the MOMS executive committee in 2021.

To view the current consitution please click here or navigate to the “MOMS Constitution” page under the “About Us” tab in the menu.

May 04 New MOMS Trainee Representatives

We are pleased to welcome and congratulate our new trainee representatives:

Kate Duhig as obstetrics trainee rep and Bernadette Jenner as physician trainee rep.

Good luck and all the best in your new roles!

Mar 09 Trainee Rep Roles for 2021!

UPDATE: 13/4/2021
Our submission window for expressions of interest is closed! Thank you to all 23(!) candidates who have put themselves forward.

Members, we have set up a new voting platform that should have emailed you all a single use individualised voting token. Please check your emails (and junk folders!)
Deadline: Tuesday 27th April 2021 @ 23:59
Any issues, please get in touch with macdonaldobstetricmedicine@gmail.com.

Two trainee representative roles on the MOMS executive committee have become available. This is a fantastic opportunity to represent the interests of both obstetric and physician trainees in MOMS.

The role involves regular meetings with the MOMS exec where you can discuss training opportunities alongside other MOMS agenda items. You will have the chance to develop the role depending on your skills and interests. Being organised and enthusiastic is essential!

During our time as trainee reps, we have helped develop and run the pre-conference training afternoons, involving low-fidelity simulation and case-based discussions. We have helped with social media and regularly used @M0MSUK to tweet about training opportunities and MOMS news. The MOMS website has been updated to be more user-friendly and resources like guidelines, webinars and podcasts have been collated to the benefit of both MOMS and non-MOMS members alike. The role of trainee rep is varied and flexible. If you would like to apply for the position please follow the link below.

Importantly: You must be a trainee in obstetrics or a physician speciality and a member of MOMS.
Expression of interest: Maximum 1000 characters
Deadline for submission: April 9th 2021 midnight

Click here to submit your expression of interest!

Please email us on macdonaldobstetricmedicine@gmail.com if you have any queries.

Update: For those who are close to CCT and wondering whether you can apply?
The short answer is YES YOU CAN!
However, the MOMS exec appreciates that the time around CCT may be very stressful and so leave it open to the trainee rep if they are close to CCT whether they continue in their role beyond CCT as long as they feel they are able to and keen to continue representing trainees and obstetric medicine training with their speciality. Our constitution says terms are no longer than 3 years but that is not to say one needs to remain in the role if it is no longer working for them. From the experience the current trainee reps, we feel it would be beneficial to have a minimum term of 1 year, regardless of CCT date in order to feel like you’ve settled into your role.

Mar 06 Welcome to the Executive Committee!

We are pleased to welcome four new exec members! Please join us in congratulating the following people to their new roles!

Paarul Prinja as Treasurer
Charlotte Frise as Education Lead
Mary Lynch as Midwife Representative
Mark Andrews as Obstetric Physician Representative

Congratulations to all and looking forward to working with you over the next 3 years!

Jan 28 Opportunity to Join the MOMS Executive Committee!

Following discussion and input from our membership we are excited to open 4 positions to join our executive committee.

1. Education Lead
Role involves leading on content organisation of the annual MOMS meeting and other educational ventures from the society.

2. Treasurer
Role involves access to bank and PayPal accounts and annual report formation and submission for Companies House and Charities Commission.

3. Physician Representative
The role of the physician representative is to ensure that physicians views are represented by MOMS, including but not limited to championing physician training and liaising with specialist societies. Their role also involves furthering understanding and knowledge of obstetric medicine and MOMS in physician groups and training.

4. Midwife Representative
As a new role we would welcome candidates to indicate how they feel a midwifery representative would complement and support the mission statements of MOMS. This may include but is not limited to the promotion of MDT working, assisting in the formation of maternal medicine networks as well as highlighting and supporting the role of midwives in the care of pregnant women with medical problems.

Candidates should be members of the Society and should register their interest by emailing us to our society email address: macdonaldobstetricmedicine@gmail.com.
Please send a 150 word paragraph about yourself and what you would bring to the role and MOMS as a society. You may apply for more than one role as appropriate.

The closing date for expression of interests and your application is 11pm, Friday 12th February 2021.

Jan 13 COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy Information Sheet

We are pleased to be involved in the formation of this this information sheet alongside the RCOG, RCM and UKTIS to help inform pregnant women to whom a COVID-19 vaccine is offered!

Click here for pdf

2020 Dec 30 Updated advice on COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy and women who are breastfeeding

As we see another inflection point in cases of SARS-CoV2; we have good news that the Oxford University/AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccination has also received MHRA approval today. This is some comfort but due to the lack of inclusion of pregnant or breastfeeding women in the vaccine trials, data is sparse as to its efficacy and safety in this vulnerable group.

As clinicians in our particular speciality we are most acutely aware that this is, again, the most exquisite of ironies – our most vulnerable women are being discouraged from being given the vaccine.

Today, however the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have also published their latest advice.

In response, MOMS together with RCOG, RCM, UKTIS, UKOSS, BMFMS and NPEU have produced a joint statement in support of COVID-19 vaccination in clinically vulnerable pregnant women.

Read the joint statement here

We are responsible for ensuring our women get the right advice to make the right decision about Covid-19 vaccination.

Best wishes

Lucy Mackillop
President MacDonald Obstetric Medicine Society

Dec 11 Updated Guidance Document on Valproate

Updated guidance on the prescription of valproate for female patients during childbearing years has been published this week.

The guidance has been produced to inform all healthcare professionals of best practice around the use and prescribing of valproate and to support them to navigate situations that could arise as a result of prescribing valproate to women during childbearing years, given the significant risk of birth defects and developmental disorders that can occur if it is taken during pregnancy.

First published last year, the updated guidance reflects minor changes made by the MHRA and changes to GMC decision-making guidelines, as well as updated input from all contributing organisations, to give healthcare professionals updated practical information and guidance on prescribing valproate to women with bipolar disorder or epilepsy, the only licensed indications for its use. It has been authored by Dr Judy Shakespeare FRCGP and Dr Sanjay M Sisodiya FRCP on behalf of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Association of British Neurologists and Royal College of Physicians, and endorsed by 19 other medical organisations.

The guidance can be accessed here.

We have also added this to our updated Guidelines page.
Do check it out for a hub of useful guidelines as well as other useful resources on our Useful Links and Resources page!

Nov 19 New MOMS President

We are pleased to formally announce Lucy Mackillop as the new MOMS President.  Looking forward to the next few years with you at the helm!

We would like to extend many thanks again to Matt Coleman for all his hard work and vision leading MOMS over the last few years.

Oct 15 MOMS President Expression of Interest

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the MOMS exec and lead the society. We would welcome expressions of interest for the position of MOMS President!

Candidates should be members of the Society and should register their interest by emailing us on: macdonaldobstetricmedicine@gmail.com.

Please send a 150 word paragraph highlighting your strengths and strategic vision to lead MOMS. The closing date for expression of interests and your application is 5pm 30th October 2020.

We would like to thank Matt for the exceptional job in leading us and his contribution to developing MOMS to the society it is today.

Oct 02 New Membership Level

Following on from a suggestion in our AGM this year, we are pleased to announce a new membership level for our nursing, midwifery and allied health professional colleagues. For £25 a year, they will have access to all resources online as full membership without the option of the physical quarterly journal.

We hope this will encourage more allied health professionals to further diversify our society and join us in working towards improving the care we provide and pregnancy outcomes for women with medical disorders. For more information, please head over to our “join us” page.

For any allied health professionals who are already current members please get in touch with our website admin and obstetric trainee rep, Tara Lee (contact details on our “contact us” page) if you would like to switch over.

Aug 06 MOMS September Meeting 2020

Many thanks to all the speakers and attendees for a very successful first virtual MOMS meeting!
MOMS members, head over to our MOMS Annual Meeting 2020 page here to view a recording!

UPDATE (15/09/2020): Please see our updated programme on our main meeting page here!

UPDATE (06/09/2020): Abstract submission is now closed! Thank you for everyone who submitted an abstract, you should be hearing from us next week.

We have now opened registration!
Click here to register!
We’ll be updating information on the programme on the main page “MOMS 2020” soon!

MOMS! The exec are excited to announce a virtual morning meeting on MONDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 0930-1230 in lieu of our annual meeting in Newcastle this Autumn. Trainees, get your study leave in and see below for details on abstract submission! It will be free for all and further details regarding registration, coming soon!

Aug 06 New Treasurer and Secretary

The MOMS exec are pleased to announce and welcome Anita Banerjee as our new secretary and treasurer after member voting! Welcome to the exec and really excited to be working with you!

We would like to extend many thanks again to Marie Smith for all her hard work and contribution to MOMS successes over the years!

Jul 02 ISOM 2021 Save the Date

Please see the message from Ken Chen (president of our partner organisation ISOM):

I had just wanted to give everyone an update about the next ISOM meeting which has tentatively been rescheduled for next year 9/27 to 9/29 (still in Toronto, Canada) & also to see if anyone had any questions or feedback.


Jun 14 Joining the MOMS Exec [updated 26.6.20]

Following the AGM 25.6.20 we have decided to give a few days for people to register their interest!
Please email us as below by the end of June and we will be in touch shortly after with the brief(!) application process.

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the team. We would welcome expressions of interest in the position of secretary + treasurer (flexibility possible). Marie Smith is planning to step down soon. Please email us for further information on the job role.

Candidates should be members of the Society and should register their interest by emailing us on: macdonaldobstetricmedicine@gmail.com

Marie has done an exceptional job supporting and developing many of the past and recent MOMS successes and we thank her for her exceptional effort and contribution.

May 25 New Website

Welcome to our new website!

We’ve updated our membership platform!

All current paying members should have received a personalised email regarding their log in details. Please get in touch if you haven’t received one by emailing macdonaldobstetricmedicine@gmail.com


If you’re interested in training in obstetric medicine be it physician or obstetrician or not yet decided(!) please see our “How to Train in Obstetric Medicine” section


All paying members of MOMS receive the quarterly Obstetric Medicine Journal. Please ensure your postal address is kept updated via your members’ log in as the website automatically sends an updated list to the journal before each issue.

Resources and Events

We are working on making this website a hub for sharing information be it obstetric medicine conferences / meetings to guidelines to other resources from databases you can use to adjunct your day to day practice to webinars from different sources. Please see the relevant pages on the dropdown menus to upper right.

If you’d like to share a conference / meeting or useful resource via MOMS please get in touch as above

Other Ways to Keep in Touch

  1. Please join our society! All members will automatically get access to the quarterly Obs Med Journal and be added to our mailing list.
  2. You can also join our mailing list independent of membership
  3. Follow us on Twitter @M0MSuk
Apr 21 Obstetric Medicine Webinars

MOMS are excited to announce and fund a new series of monthly Obstetric Medicine Webinars organised by Dr Charlotte Frise, aiming to provide a regular source of Obstetric Medicine education whilst other meetings are not taking place. To keep up with news about these upcoming webinars or to be added to the circulation list please email obsmeded@gmail.com

Streamable recordings of previous webinars are available on this site here on the “Obstetric Medicine Webinar” page under the “Training and Resources” tab on the top right menu for MOMS members.

Mar 15 44th Annual MOMS Meeting UPDATE

It is with deep regret that the executive committee of MOMS have made the decision to postpone the MOMS 2020 Annual meeting.

We will be in contact in due course with further information. This will be available via email and also on this site. For those who have already registered we will update information regarding registration fees when we have made further plans.